Celebrating Resilience and Sharing Inspiration: The ACS Teaching and Learning Workshop 2021

The Associated Colleges of the South (ACS)

The ACS Teaching and Learning Workshop in June 2021 came right in time: I was a new instructor at Sewanee, just ten weeks into my brand-new position, and Covid hit as well as the swift pivot to teaching online and hybrid modalities. Having the opportunity to meet other educators outside of Sewanee, in their varying degrees of experience, wisdom and philosophies, was a gift on both personal and professional levels, especially as I had never taught a “normal” college class.  While I missed the face-to-face interaction, what stood out to me most clearly was our resilience as educators: yes, we had all been through a difficult time with our students but college during Covid had revealed the best of who we could be in the classroom. And in our small groups during the workshop, we shared those stories and skills through presentation and critique. Providing and receiving feedback from my ACS peers about specific lesson plans and pedagogical approaches was an invaluable experience, especially during an uncertain time for educators. I urge any member of our faculty to apply: you will make connections and gain inspiration that will, ultimately, translate into better teaching in the future. 

Courtnay Zeitler, Information Literacy Librarian, Du Pont Library

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