Buttons, German, and Personal Gender Pronouns

Thanks to a mini-teaching grant from the CfT, we were able to acquire a button maker. A button maker? Yes!  

Gender matters, and while we may know how to address each other correctly in English, it may not always be clear how to do so in the target language. Just recently, a gender-neutral personal pronoun emerged in German, and sparked our conversation in class about gender, identity, and (grammatical) representation. 

We created personal pronoun / gender buttons, as to address each other in class correctly with ‘sie’, ‘er’ and ‘xier.’ The sunny day even allowed us to complete the project outside.

German House (located at University/Louisiana) plans to offer a gender button-making event on Saturday, 11/20/21 from 3-4, open to all students and faculty on campus.

Interested in creating your own class buttons? The equipment is available for check-out at the CfT.

Corinna Kahnke, Department of German and German Studies