Welcome to The CraFT blog

Since 2014, the Center for Teaching has published a regular newsletter – The CraFT – to keep faculty and staff up to date on the latest events at the CfT. This year, we’re giving the format a tweak, but we’re keeping the name. The CraFT blog will feature regular posts including:

  • short articles by Sewanee faculty
  • updates on CfT events and programs 
  • reports from grant recipients
  • news, links, and resources from the wider world of higher-ed pedagogy

We hope the new format will give us a way to share more of the incredible work that Sewanee faculty are doing and provide useful information and resources in a more up-to-the-minute and timely way. Although this new blog will replace the regular CfT newsletter, the Center for Teaching website is staying exactly where it is and will continue to serve as our main repository for information about CfT grants, programs, and resources (including the Faculty Technology Resources created by our wonderful LITS staff).

If you have any feedback about the new blog or what you’d like to see here, just shoot us an email. We’d love to feature as many faculty and staff as possible on the blog, so if you’d like to write a short post about something you’ve been doing in the classroom, please let us know!

Mark Hopwood & Emily Puckette

CfT Co-Directors

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